Cost and Value of Hair Transplants

Cost and Value of Hair Transplants

We understand that a person’s appearance is connected to their well-being. One could argue that nothing has more value than a person’s well-being. We also understand that, for most, there is a limit to what a can be spent to restore their hair. We have no interest in being the most expensive hair transplant clinic. We also understand that a hair transplant procedure is detailed, artistic work that should not be contracted to the lowest bidder.

cost and value of hair transplantsFrom the initial consultation to the follow up visits we are committed to the best possible customer service. So what does that mean? To us, it means respect, treating everyone with respect. We respect that each person suffering from hair loss wants to be told the truth about what can be done. So we are committed to answering questions with honesty and clarity.

Hair Restoration Cost Los Angeles

To us, the most important part of customer service is giving the patient the information that is needed to make a decision with confidence.  Each person who has a consultation gets an honest clear assessment of their hair loss, what can be done and what can be expected.

We want our patients to have realistic expectations so we are committed to being honest. Dr. Behnam views the consultation as a medical exam instead of a sales meeting. Often patients come to our clinic prepared to spend thousands of dollars on a hair transplant only to learn that they are not yet candidates. These patients are prescribed a much cheaper remedy that can usually help them avoid ever having a procedure.

Santa Monica Hair Transplant Cost

We are committed to giving information not selling. If we tell a patient they are a candidate for surgery, it is because we feel that it is the best possible solution for their hair loss and will be an improvement. Transplant candidates are given a detailed analysis so they understand the number of grafts and area of coverage. Dr. Behnam performs only one surgery per day so he can take the time to see that the patient is comfortable and has a great result. Dr. Behnam and the technicians make the procedure a personal experience not a rushed assembly line.

We feel that when considering cost, value can’t be overlooked. We are feel that we offer fair prices, Fair to the doctor and technicians that dedicated to giving each patient a great experience and result and fair to the patient who shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get a great value.

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