The Most Important Advancement in Hair Restoration – Artistry

dr_sean_behnan_hair_restoration_artistThe Most Important Advancement in Hair Restoration – Artistry
In spite of today’s current technology, there are still those who believe that having a hair transplant will mean having a pluggy look. Hair transplant was first performed in Japan in the 1930’s , then performed in the United States in the 1950’s. The industry has taken leaps and bounds since those early days. The majority of today’s hair transplants are undetectable. Most don’t know that hair transplant is performed over 700, 000 times a year. That’s right seven hundred thousand. It has become the most popular cosmetic surgery.

With frequency has come improvements and artistry. Hair transplants have become seem less. The “plugs” of the 80’s have become single follicular units. The straight hair line has become jagged protrusions created with single hair follicles to suit the patient’s facial structure.

Artistry, today’s hair transplant is about artistry. There have been better instruments and methods created to make the experience more user friendly for the patient and doctor, but the most important advancement in hair restoration is artistry. Restoring hair lines and the density of ones scalp in such a way that it is undetectable. Artistry is the most important advancement and here’s why.

A patient has a hair transplant because they are unhappy with their appearance. The hair transplant must be an improvement that will make the patient feel better about their appearance, restore their confidence, and make them proud of the action they have taken to solve a personal issue. Feeling proud is one of the often overlooked benefits of having a hair restoration procedure that looks natural.

Advancement in Hair Restoration

Those who are unhappy with their thinning hair are reminded of it every time they see their reflection, which for most, it quite often. Even though hair restoration surgeries cannot restore density back to what it was when the patient was a teenager, it can usually restore it to a point where the patient is no longer unhappy with their appearance. This enables the patient to get back to the activities of life without being constantly reminded of hair loss. Without the artistry of today’s procedures, patients would go from being upset with hair loss to being upset with a plug unnatural appearance. That is not an improvement.

Dr. Sean Behnam guarantees a natural result and he performs only one procedure per day so that he may take as much time as necessary to ensure a natural result. With all the new equipment advances that have emerged over the years, at Dermatology and Hair Restoration Specialists we feel that no advancement is as important as the artistry of creating a natural result. For a free consultation with Dr. Sean Behnam, please call 310-866-6997

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