Scar Removal Los Angeles

Scar Revision & Cover

For patients who have large scars from old strip procedures or multiple procedures, Dr. Behnam can either surgically remove the scar or use the F.U.E. method and place grafts in the scar. Though there will still be some evidence of the scar, when the scar is reduced or covered the patient may wear their hair shorter than they could before.

For scar removal, the patient must have good scalp laxity. To achieve this, patients must perform a scalp stretching exercise prior to having the procedure. The scalp stretching exercise is done by placing the hands with interlocked fingers on the back of the scalp, applying pressure and moving the skin up and down.

Also, by placing the palms of the hands over the ears, applying pressure and moving the skin up and down. At first patients may be only able to do this in three minute intervals. It should be done a total of thirty minutes a day or more if possible.


In the free consultation, Dr. Behnam will check the patient’s scalp and instruct the patient on how many weeks or months the exercise must be done prior to the procedure. Patients who have a wide scar and a tight scalp may be asked to do the exercise for months to loosen up the area to achieve the best result.

Scar Cover (F.U.E)
For those who want to camouflage their scars, grafts may be transplanted into the scar. This could allow patients to wear their hair shorter without the scar being noticeable. Acell is an F.D.A. approved wound healer that will be used to improve the graft survival in the scar tissue.

Scar tissue has a lower blood supply than regular tissue. Acell assists in blood vessel formation and has been proven in our practice to increase the number of grafts that survive by almost 40%. for more on Acell see


What to Expect
Neither scar removal or camouflage can completely erase scars but both methods can drastically decrease viability of scars. It is important for patients to have realistic expectations with any procedure. Often, patients expect that cosmetic surgery will make more of an impact than it actually does.

At Dermatology & Hair Restoration Specialist, we are committed to giving clear, specific, honest information as to what can be expected as well as cost. In the free consultation, Dr. Behnam will evaluate the scar and give the patient an assessment of how much improvement can be expected. For a free scar reduction/ camouflage evaluation please call 310-829-4291.

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