Womens Hair Transplant Los Angeles

Welcome to Hair Transplant Los Angeles, a site for men and women suffering from hair loss. Dr. Sean Behnam and his staff are dedicated to helping patients regain their hair. Our goal is to provide patients with the information they need to choose a hair loss solution. To educate each patient on all possibilities so an informed decision can be made.

Dr. Behnam is sensitive to the emotional impact female hair loss can have, his practice is committed to treating female hair loss with the respect it deserves.

We understand the importance that hair plays in a woman’s well being. Women suffering from hair loss often live being continuously self-conscience about their appearance. Using whatever they can to cover their hair loss.

Womens Hair Transplant Los AngelesOne of our patients said “I own a thousand hats.” It’s devastating and Dr. Sean is committed to treating it with the delicacy and respect it deserves. We have had great success helping women restore their hair and end the self-consciousness with hair transplant and other remedies.

Though it is often genetics, female hair loss can be caused by many different things. Dr. Behnam examines all aspects of a woman’s health to find the right remedy. Often women can get their hair back with medication, topical solutions, injections, laser treatments, or just time.

When surgery is the best option

Sometimes surgery is the best option. Hair transplants performed on women often can be more difficult than transplants performed on men. Women who suffer from hair loss throughout their scalp often still have a lot of hair.

The doctor performing the surgery must place the grafts carefully between the existing hair in such a way that the existing hair is not damaged. Because he only performs one surgery per day, Dr. Behnam takes his time to ensure that no un-transplanted hair is damaged

We urge all women who are suffering from hair loss to do as much research as possible. We have found that patients who are the most informed are the most happy. We recommend that you read all that you can and see other doctors.

In your free hair loss exam we will show you as many pictures as you would like to see and answer all of your questions. We understand that this is your decision and we want you to have all the information that is needed to make you feel comfortable. As part of your research we urge you to read our reviews on Doctor Base, Insider Pages, Vitals, and yelp.

We also have videos on youtube can be helpful. We never charge for consultations even if you would like more than one. We hope you find our website informative and helpful. Please call 310-829-4291 when you are ready for your free hair loss exam.

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