Laser Hair Restoration Los Angeles

Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is a safe, proven, and effective way to encourage new hair growth in adults who suffer with androgenic alopecia (hair loss).

capillus_laser_hatThis non-invasive method of hair restoration uses the power of medical grade lasers to revitalize hair follicles and encourage natural hair growth. Acclaimed hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Sean Benham, is pleased to offer laser hair restoration to Los Angeles residents who suffer with thinning, shedding, or balding. This revolutionary new non-surgical hair therapy is ideal for:

  • Adults who are not candidates for surgical hair restoration (transplant)
  • Women who notice thinning, rapid shedding, or a widening part while styling.
  • Teens and young adults who wish to proactively treat minor pattern baldness
  • Anyone who does not wish to use prescription medications or topical foams to treat hair loss

Low Level Laser Therapy: A Proven Science

Since the early 1960s, LLLT has been linked with hair growth by over 53 individual studies worldwide. In the past half century, LLLT has helped physicians treat patients with arthritis, chronic inflammation, musculoskeletal pains, autoimmune diseases, and a range of dermatological (skin) conditions. Today, LLLT is helping men and women from around the world reverse the signs of hair loss.

“I recommend it to patients…” – Dr. Sean Benham

At our clinic, Dr. Benham is pleased to offer a new laser hair restoration product that Los Angeles residents are sure to love. Designed for men and women who lead busy and active lives, the Capillus® laser therapy cap is a discrete and portable option that allows patients to treat hair loss at any time, anywhere.

Researchers and hair restoration surgeons agree that LLLT products like the Capillus® laser cap stimulate blood circulation, cellular metabolism, and phototherapy within the hair follicle. When used just a few times each week, these laser hair treatments can stimulate thick, natural, and beautiful hair growth.

“Patients at all levels of hair loss can benefit from the [Capillus] laser cap. I recommended it to patients who are experiencing rapid shedding, or just have some thinning[…] even after hair restoration, I recommend it to maintain natural hair.”
–Dr. Sean Benham, Los Angelese Hair Transplant Surgeon

Laser Hair Growth with Capillus272®

The physician-recommended Capillus272® is one of the safest and most effective hair loss lasers available. Our Los Angeles patients love laser hair restoration with the Capillus®, and it’s not hard to see why. Below are just a few of the reasons our patients choose the Capillus272® over other laser caps and hair restoration options.

Easy-to-use. Capillus272® fits beneath the cap of your favorite hat, allowing for convenient hair loss treatment any time, anywhere. The cap is battery-powered, so you can enjoy treatment while at home, at work, driving, golfing, at the beach, or even while traveling.

Proven safe. Capillus272® has FDA clearance for the promotion of hair regrowth in adults who suffer with androgenic alopecia (hair loss), so patients can enjoy treatment without concern for health, safety, or adverse side effects.

Effective in growing new hair. Made with 272 low level lasers, the Capillus272® features more diodes than any other laser cap. In a premarketing study for the FDA, Capillus® demonstrated 51% increase in hair counts over placebo device.

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Dr. Behnam M.D. is dedicated to giving each patient the highest quality care. He educates every patient on the latest technologies and remedies for hair loss. To learn more about low level laser therapy (LLLT) with the Capillus272® personal-use laser cap, contact our office at 310-829-4291.

Los Angeles Residents: Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Benham to learn more about hair loss, hair restoration, and laser hair regrowth with Capillus®.

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