Alternative Hair Restoration Therapies

There are many reasons to use adjunctive therapies. One of the most important is to maintain ones own natural hair and prevent it from further falling out despite hair transplant. A hair transplant can restore ones hair where there is no hair.

However many people still have allot of hair, using adjudicative therapies can maintain that and prevent either a future hair transplant or delay it significantly.

Further there are some people who may not be great candidates for hair transplant yet. This is true allot of those less than age 25 years old.

This is mainly because they have not lost enough hair to make hair transplant look natural and age appropriate for years to come. In addition those who are rapidly experiencing hair loss they are also are not big transplant candidates and may need to use adjunctive therapies to first stop the sudden rapid shedding.

So What are these Adjunctive Therapies?

These Include Laser Therapy, Propecia, Rogaine, Nizoral Shampoo, and a good protein.

What is Laser Therapy?

Lower level laser therapy refers to the use of visible light in the red spectrum to promote hair growth and stimulate the hair follicles

Is this hot or cold Laser?

This is a cold laser meaning it does not emit significant heat. The red light is at 650 nanometers within the physical spectrum.

What is the history of lower level laser therapy and hair growth?

In 1967 a Hungarian scientist studied lasers noticed that is promotes hair growth on the back of my spirit since then many studies of advances in lasers have been conducted so it can safely be used in humans to promote hair growth.

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What is the mechanism of action for lower level laser therapy?

Lower level laser therapy works as a process caller photo-bio stimulation. The energy of the visible red light at 650 nanometers is absorbed by the hair follicles and stimulates them to grow hair, specifically this is done by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles bringing more hair nutrients and by increasing the similar energy through ATP production ATP is a form of energy that’s used by cells.

Overall this promotes hair follicle growth and extends the growth periods of the hair cycle, encouraging the hair to grow thicker and stronger. They increase blood flow, also facilitates the elimination of DHT which is responsible for thinning the hair.

Are Lower level lasers cleared by the FDA?

In January 2007 one form of the laser device called the hair max laser comb became the first hair max
laser clearance for the treatment of hair loss.

To date 2015 hair max has completed 6 multi centered double blinded randomized control studies on 460 patients showing the efficacy of lower level laser technology and hair regrowth as well as safety of its use.

Data submitted to the FDA included global pictures as well as high density pictures of hair follicles showing increase in density and improvement of hair quality. photo #1 is a digital image of the hair follicles before and after use of hair max laser comb at 26 weeks.

The skin was tattooed so the exact position could be re-analyzed 26 weeks later it shows increase in density and overall improved quality. Hair max study. Use with permission

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