Which procedure should I have, strip or F.U. E.?

Which procedure should I have, strip or F.U. E.?

To have a strip or F.U.E. that is the question that is going through the minds of many seeking a hair restoration procedure. For most, the most important aspect of hair restoration is the end result. It must look natural. That being said, it should be known that with either procedure, the los-angeles-hair-transplantimplantation is the same. So regardless of the method of extraction, the doctor performing the procedure must have the artistic skill to create a natural hair line and fill thinning areas without damaging existing hair.

It makes no sense to be obsessed over the scarring of the donor area without concern for a natural hair line.

F.U.E. and strip both have their advantages and disadvantages. It is the patient’s decision as to which procedure better suits their needs, wants and lifestyle. Though F.U.E. is much more expensive, at Dermatology and Hair Restoration Specialists we do not believe in upselling patients.

Though the F.U.E procedure is the latest technology, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best option for every patient who is wants a hair restoration procedure. Many patients have come into the consultation believing that they only want F.U.E because they don’t want a liner scar, but when they see how small Dr. Sean’s scars are, they schedule a strip procedure.

The dispersed F.U.E scars are more suitable for patients who shave their head on the back and sides, but for most patients who wear their hair a half of an inch or longer, Dr. Behnam ‘s strip scar will not be seen.

Strip Hair Transplant Los Angeles

When choosing a transplant procedure, patients should consider all aspects of the procedure. Down time is another aspect that help a patients decide. Thou there are no staples or stitches with the F.U.E. procedure, the donor area must be shaved. Depending on the amount of grafts needed, often a large area must be shaved so that the extractions may be dispersed such that they are difficult to detect.

For patients who want to keep their procedure private and can afford limited down time, the shaved donor area may not be an option. Though strip patients must have staples in the donor area for ten days, the hair may be worn longer to cover the staples. Many patients have gone back to work with the staples in the donor area without having anyone notice. On the other hand, patients who want to get back to physical activity as soon as possible, often prefer the F.U.E.
Patients who come in for a free consultation will get a thorough clear explanation on all aspects of each procedure. Dr. Behnam will also discuss with the patient his or her expectations and lifestyle. The goal is for the patient to have all the information that is needed to choose the procedure that best suits them. For a free one on one consultation call 310-829-4291

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