How many hair transplants will I have to have


How many hair transplants will I have to have

Often we are asked this question, “If I fill my thinning area(s), how many more transplants will need to cover my future hair loss?” This is always a difficult question to answer because hair loss is unpredictable. For those who need a procedure for part of their head and are concerned about needing future procedures, we recommend alternate therapies to maintain untransplanted hair.

For instance, if a patient has hair loss in the front but is just starting to thin in the crown, an alternate therapy might help this patient maintain a density that is thicker than can be achieved by surgery and avoid ever needing a surgery.

Dr. Sean Behnam Hair Transplant Specialist

Propecia and Rogain (as well as their generic counterparts) have been around a while and have helped millions maintain their hair. There are also laser treatments that work well in stopping hair loss. Laser treatment for hair thinning has been around since the 90’s.

It initially got somewhat of a bad reputation because some marketed the treatment as if it would grow new hair in areas hair did not exist. It will not grow new hair, but we have had great success with laser treatments stopping thinning and increasing density.



Capillus Laser Hat

So to get back to our original question, it’s very difficult to know how much hair loss one will have in the future. So many variables are involved. The good news is that now, more than ever, patients suffering from hair loss have so several options when it comes to hair loss remedies that have been proven to work.

If a patient fills one part of their head with a hair transplant and wants to avoid future procedures, these remedies might be the answer, and the patient who catches their hair loss early enough may be able to avoid a procedure.

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