Automated F.U.E.

Automated F.U.E.

We are often asked if we use automated F.U.E. machines such as the Artas or the Neograft. Though we have a Neograft in our office, most of our F.U.E. procedures are done with a hand held device.

Neograft_Logo_webDr. Behnam first performed F.U.E. in 2008. Now F.U.E. has become over 50% of our business. The greater demand has forced us to work really hard at performing F.U.E. Dr. Sean has done so many by hand, he feels that to switch to an automated device would be a step backward.

Transection rate is the amount of grafts damaged by the doctor during the procedure and it is always a concern.

Hand Crafted Results

Doing the procedure by hand, Dr. Behnam maintains a transection rate of 2% or lower. In addition, his method allows him to closely examine each graft prior to extraction. This allows him to pick and choose the healthiest grafts and the grafts that best suit the area to be filled.

Though we have nothing against the automated systems, we feel that for us, we can offer the best service and outcome if we continue to use the method that we have worked so hard to develop.

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