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Postprocedure Care

Post procedure Care Post procedure care is straightforward and simple as follows:hair-transplant-beverly-hills

  • Patients are permitted to leave the office wearing a baseball cap or bandana to conceal any visible signs of transplant work.
  • Hair washing is permitted on the first postoperative day.
  • Full resumption of normal exercise and activities without restrictions is permitted 5 to 6 days after the procedure.
  • All patients are offered the opportunity to receive post procedure laser light therapy twice weekly for the first
    month as it may help healing and accelerate the regrowth of transplanted hairs (laser therapy discussed below

Travel Assistance

Dr. Behnam offers offers 200 Dollars travel allowance to those who reside outside California. We like to help with your hotel room, visiting local attractions such as Universal Studio and Hollywood Tours. Hair Transplant Hawaii

Recent Graduates

Dr. Behnam receives many calls from fresh graduating physicians who aspire to become hair transplant surgeons. Please click here to contact Dr. Behnam directly.