Do No Harm

Dr. Behnam will not perform a surgery on anyone who is not a great candidate. This entails more than just seeing if the patient has hair loss. Just as patients choose their doctors, Dr. Behnam chooses patients whose quality of life will be improved by a procedure. We do not want our practice to turn into an assembly line that does procedures for monetary reasons only.

We understand that having hair loss can make a person vulnerable to making decisions without careful examination. Dr. Behnam is committed to giving each patient a detailed examination as well as an honest assessment of what should be expected.

Other Remedies

“I don’t want to take medication” “I don’t want to use monoxidil for the rest of my life.” These are statements we often hear from patients who believe that a surgery would be easier than having to take a medication or use a topical solution continuously.

Often the patient doesn’t realize that their hair loss has not progressed to the point that a surgery is possible and that an alternate remedy is the best solution. Also, the alternate solution may not only thicken the patient’s hair, but it may keep the patient from ever needing a surgery. Dr. Sean has to feel that the patient can best be served with surgery rather than other hair loss remedies.

Los Angeles Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Los AngelesRealistic Expectations

The patient must have realistic expectations about the limitations of hair restoration surgery. We all want the hair that we had when we were teenagers. In most cases, that is not possible with hair restoration surgery.

A hair transplant procedure can give good coverage but usually cannot give the density that nature gave us when we were young. If a patient expects to have their hair restored back to when they were twenty, that patient will be disappointed, making them someone who is not a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.

Rapid Shedding

If the patient is experiencing rapid shedding, the shedding must be stopped before Dr. Behnam will perform a procedure. Patients will be carefully examined, given a treatment and monitored until the shedding ends.

Once the cause of the shedding is identified and it has stopped, usually a good six months is needed to see how much density the patient will regain. Then the patient will be re-evaluated to see if he or she is a candidate for surgery.

In Good Health

The patient must be in good health and not be taking other medications that could react with the numbing medications that are given during the procedure.  This is why all aspects of a person’s health must be examined before a surgery is scheduled.

Donor Hair

Patients must have healthy donor hair that is not thinning. For most with hair loss, it is male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. This means the hair on the top of the scalp thins and falls out. There are some whose hair loss is a condition that is also effecting the donor area.

Though it is rare, patients who have a condition that effects the donor area are not candidates for hair transplant.


For a patient to have the best possible result, it takes commitment. The patient must be willing to follow the doctor’s instructions before and after the procedure. Strip procedure patients must be willing to do the scalp stretching exercise prior to the procedure.

All patients must be willing to avoid strenuous activities for the recommended period of time. Smokers, both marijuana and cigarettes must understand that smoking constricts blood supply to the scalp and may prevent hair from growing.

Vegans or vegetarians must know that if they are not eating enough protein the hair will not grow. Dr. Sean and his staff are committed to each patient and executing each aspect of every procedure such that each patient has the best possible result. Patients who are not committed to doing everything they can to achieve the best possible result, are not good candidates.

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