Hairline Transplant Grafts

Hairline Transplant Grafts

One of Dr. Sean Behnam’s main concerns when performing a hair transplant procedure is naturalness of the hairline. The hairline has to be natural. He takes great care in choosing the grafts that are used for the hairline. His one surgery a day policy allows him the time that it takes to create a hairline that suits the patient’s face and is perfect in its’ imperfections.

What does that mean “perfect in its’ imperfections?” What it means is that it is not too straight and that both sides are not exactly alike without being lopsided.  Many of the old transplants look unnatural because they are two straight and symmetrical.

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Also, many were created with multi-hair grafts in the hair line, this will give a pluggy look. Dr. Behnam often repairs these hair transplants that were done by doctors using old technology.  To repair those old hair transplants, he surrounds the pluggy grafts with single hair grafts.

Also the design is altered such that it is not too straight. Occasionally, if Dr. Behnam feels that a multi-haired graft has been placed too low in the hair line, while performing the repair he will remove the graft and place it behind the hair line where it can contribute to density without looking unnatural. Patient who are unhappy with the appearance of an old hair transplant should see Dr. Behnam for a consultation to see if they are a candidate for repair.

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Our repair patients have expressed how happy they are with their new hair line but also with the increased density that they have received from the repair. It’s worth noting that not all pluggy hair lines are a result of a bad hair transplant. Often patients had a procedure years ago when they were much younger. The grafts at the time of their transplant were placed behind the hair line to increase density. Over the years, the patient lost their untransplanted hair that once made up their hair line.

Now their hair line is higher and made up of only the multihaired grafts that were originally intended for density. This we have seen a lot because it is not something that was known when transplants were being performed twenty years ago.

Also, Hair transplant is not a remedy for future hair loss. Patients who have only one part of their hair filled because that is all that is needed, should be aware that there is a possibility that a future hair transplant be needed if there is continued hair loss. For a consultation with Dr. Sean Behnam, please call 310-829-4291

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