Hair Restoration Solutions Other Than Surgery

Hair loss for men and women can be remedied several ways. There are many products and supplements being sold that offer miracle cures for hair loss. However, at Dermatology and Hair Restoration Specialists, we only recommend solutions that we have tested or has been tested by a trusted source.

Hair Restoration Surgery Los AngelesNot every remedy works on every patient so any solution that is prescribed will be based the patient’s personal hair loss exam with Dr. Behnam.

Hair Restoration Surgery

Just as the patient has to be evaluated to see if they are a candidate for hair transplantation, patients must also be evaluated for the remedies other than transplant.

In the consultation, patients are given a list of other remedies as well as what our successes have been with each of those remedies. Dr. Behnam works hard to stay current on the latest research and conducts research himself.

All Issues Involved

Cost, side effects, possible allergic reactions, and reactions to other medications are all issues that will be explained in the consultation. We are committed to helping all patients with hair loss, not just those who are transplant candidates.

We have had many patients who have come to a consultation expecting to schedule a surgery and have Dr. Behnam help them regain their hair with a less expensive, less invasive option. For a free hair loss exam or consultation call 310-829-4291.


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