Best Body Hair Transplant

Best Body Hair Transplant

With F.U.E becoming more popular, more patients are inquiring about body hair transplant. More and more men want to get rid of unwanted body hair and use it to thicken the head on their head. Patients who are seeking hair restoration often think of transplanting body hair as killing two birds with one stone.

“I want to get rid of my back hair and get more hair on my head.” Though it may seem like an easy fit, patients should be aware of body hair transplant limitations.

The hair on the body can be transplanted to the head but Dr. Behnam recommends that it not be used for the hair line. The goal of any transplant should be to create a natural look. Though the body hair can offer great filler for the mid-scalp and crown, the texture of body hair may not blend into the hairline in an unnoticeable way.

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Hair often takes on the traits of the area where it is transplanted, so hair that is transplanted from the chest to the crown usually will eventually grow long like head hair. That only applies to the length that the hair grows. We have not seen that the hair changes in texture or color. It should also be noted that body hair can be more challenging to extract which will limit the amount of grafts that can be extracted in a day.

best-hair-transplant-doctorThis will depend on the angle the hair grows as well as the amount of curl that the hair has. In the consultation, for patients interested in body hair transplant, Dr. Behnam gives a thorough examination to determine if the body hair is a viable option. He will first determine if the donor are on the head would be a better option than using body hair or if the area needs to be filled with both hair from the donor area on the back of the scalp as well as body hair. If he determines that body hair should be considered, he will analyze the patient’s body hair for its curl, angle, and texture.

This will reveal how well the body hair will blend with the head hair and give the patient a number of grafts that may be extracted in a day. This is important so that the patient understands if the goal can be met in one day or several.

Like the hair taken from a healthy donor area from the back of the scalp, transplanted body hair is not susceptible to DHT, the hormone that binds to hair and blocks blood supply to the hair. This means that transplanted body hair will not fall out from standard male or female pattern baldness. For some patients, body hair can be an option.

We recommend that for the best body hair transplant, for the best overall experience, patients should be clear on the limitations and have realistic expectations. For a consultation with Dr. Behnam, call 310-315-4989.

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